ASTRUM 7 guarantees full ownership of the rights with respect to the musical compositions and recordings  in the work displayed, that the audio work does not infringe any third party, and will hold throughout the worldwide TERRITORY.

When Purchase:


LICENSOR/ASTRUM 7 guarantees LICENSEE harmless from all claims, demands, actions, liabilities, costs and expenses (including attorney's fees) arising out of any breach or alleged breach of the foregoing representations and warranties, or any other provision hereof. These warranties will endure in perpetuity.

LICENSOR/ASTRUM 7 guarantees that the visual content the Licensee provides the LICENSOR in order to produce the sound branding/design shall not be used for any other purpose than make the requested sound design and shall not be shared to any third party.

LICENSOR/ASTRUM 7 grants the LICENSEE to utilize the contractual work for advertising purposes for worldwide campaigns on Internet & Mobile Services. The mechanical, synchronization, and performance rights granted to the LICENSEE  include (1) right to duplicate and release the Work in whatever medium(s) necessary (i.e. digital platforms, social networks); (2) right to use the music with visual images; and (3) The LICENSOR grants LICENSEE an exclusive perpetual license to use the Work herein.

LICENSOR/ASTRUM 7 guarantees that nobody other than ASTRUM 7´s audio engineers and composers were involved in the creation of the audio display and that the display is not an arrangement of a previous work. 


1. Granting of Rights  

1.1 After payment ASTRUM 7/The author transfers the rights to the LICENSEE for the use of the work in advertising campaigns worldwide on Internet & Mobile Services without restriction of time.


1.2 Accordingly, the LICENSOR is entitled to the right of combining the work with visual content, to share  the advertisement online on any Internet & Mobile Services, to duplicate via download, and to make available to the public.

2. Credits        


2.1 The LICENSEE is not required to credit the Work to the composer, publisher, or LICENSOR in the LICENSEE's productions (in liner notes, rolling credits, verbal acknowledgment, etc.)

3. Exclusivity 

3.1 After payment ASTRUM 7/The author guarantees not to relate – the sound branding audio design – with any other corporation/brand/product. 


4. Fees

4.1 The LICENSEE agrees to pay the LICENSOR a one-time fee. The LICENSEE will not owe any future additional royalties or fees to the LICENSOR for future use of the Work within the terms of this AGREEMENT.

4.2 A special license is required by law in case of using the audio for:


In case the audio shall be distributed on the above listed media, an extra fee (License) should be paid by the LICENSEE.*


* If  in need to distribute audio on one or all of the above platforms, please let us know the details and we will send you a Quarterly (three months) or Annual License Fee Information Spreadsheet according to the applicable case. 

5. Remuneration 

5.1 Upon ASTRUM 7/LICENSOR audio delivery to the LICENSEE shall be no longer than twenty (20) business days after the delivery of the audio for the payment to be processed, a penalty of five percent (5)% for every five (5) business days will be applied for late payment if LICENSEE fails to pay in due time.

5.2 As consideration for the contractual work and the rights transferred, the licensee pays a  fee according the package they purchase or in case of a custom package the fee will be determined on the contract between LICENSOR and LICENSEE.

5.3 All of the ASTRUM 7 services for Internet & Mobile Services are compensated with the stated flat fee.

a) ASTRUM 7 Basic                                                                                                


(one audio with length up to 60 seconds):


$999 usd    849£    7099¥    929€    319د.ك 

b) ASTRUM 7 Audio Premium Collection                                                                          


(with the purchase of a minimum of 7 audios, every audio with length up to 60 seconds):


$699 usd (per audio).    599£    5999¥    649€    219د.ك

c) ASTRUM 7 Annual Plus VIP Membership                                                                       


(12 audios, 1 per month, every audio with length up to 60 seconds):   


$6999 usd    5999£    49499¥    6499€    2199د.ك 


5.4. Package “b” and “c”, or custom collection packages, will require an initial deposit of twenty percent (20%) of the total sum upon agreement no longer than twenty (20) business days after the delivery of the first audio, a penalty of five percent (5%) for every five 5 business days will be applied for late payment if LICENSEE fails to pay in due time, the next eighty percent (80% of the total of the fee will be divided equally amongst the months that the agreement states, payable no later than the first calendar day of the month succeeding the month of which fee is applicable, a penalty of five percent (5%) for every five (5) business days will be applied for late payment if LICENSEE fails to pay in due time.

6. Privacy, Data & Content Protection

6.1 ASTRUM 7 is in compliance with applicable security laws and all other Laws relating to the collection, use, storage, transfer, and disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information of customers, clients.

7. Taxes

7.1 The author is responsible for his own tax. Has to pay taxes and social security contributions payable from contractual revenue himself.